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The new Cyber C3 website is live now

The new Cyber C3 website is live now , with more of useful details and useful information , you will find in its main home page four categories , kids, Teens , Parents and Educators , in each category you will find plenty of : tips , examples and some videos to make you get all the knowledge easily ,in the website also you will find a link to our Facebook, Twitter & YouTube Channel , where in this once you like or follow us then you will be up-to-date, with all the Cyber C3 news & updates …

We’d be interested to hear your thoughts about our new website. We also hope it sparks a discussion between you, your friends and family about the way that our new website with this amount of tips & advices can help you to be responsible while you are online and to protect yourselves as well.

[:en]What do you think about our new website? [:ar]ما رأيك في موقعنا الإلكتروني الجديد ؟

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    Follow us for more news.

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