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What is sexing ?

Sending provocative or sexual photos, images, messages or videos using a mobile phone or posted online.
Sexting may seem funny or flirty but there are serious social and legal consequences, particularly if you’re under 18.
Sharing ‘hot photos’ or text messages may seem fun and harmless, but you could be breaking the law by sending, receiving or forwarding pictures.
Once you’ve sent a picture or message, it’s out of your control and could turn up anywhere, any time and any place.
There’s no such thing as safe sexting—it can be used by others for cyber bullying, cyber stalking or sexual harassment.
Be careful who you trust—that photo is forever but is the person you are sharing photos with going to be in your life forever?
Once images and messages are sent they can often spread rapidly. If images are posted online it can be almost impossible to remove them or to control access to them

How do I deal with it?

  1. Think before you post—it could be online forever.
  2. Adjust your privacy settings—some things were never meant to be shared.
  3. Manage photos or images tagged with your name – de-tag ASAP.
  4. Delete any sexting you receive and don’t forward anything on.
  5. Consider others before you photograph or post.
  6. Talk to an adult you trust.

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