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P2P & File sharing

What is P2P ?

This technology connects computer users to each other directly without a central point of management. One needs to install P2P client applications to access a P2P network. It allows users to find and share files they want including software, music, movies, ringtones and TV programmes

Know the basics

  1. Check that the content is legally available.
  2. Some content is licensed be available for free, but much of what is available on P2P networks is not.
  3. Try the legal file-sharing/download sites—you’ll get better quality files this way.

Protect yourself

  1. Check your settings. You may be sharing everything on your hard drive, including personal files!
  2. Be wary. Many files on P2P networks are infected with viruses or are mislabelled, and they can contain offensive or illegal material.

If you want to talk about a problem, you can find details of who to call on our Cyber help page.

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