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Online Gaming

Another type of Internet addiction is online gaming.

According to some studies, role-playing games can be beneficial. This is because players are required to think actively in order to solve puzzles, or find ways to make decisions in tight situations.

At the same time, users also learn to be alert, active and strategic in order to solve problems or difficult situations. Despite these benefits, online games can also have negative effects that can result from spending too much playing time, such as:

Becoming an anti-social person. Online gamers usually spend a lot of time ‘stuck’ in their games. They find it hard to stop as they want to see the outcome of their strategy, or in their desire to win a game.

Know the basics

  1. Limit your game play time.
  2. Make time offline for your friends, your favourite sports and other activities.

Protect yourself

  1. If another player is behaving badly or making you uncomfortable, block them from your players list.
  2. Report poor behaviour to the game site operator.
  3. Keep personal details private.
  4. Respect others in the game.
  5. Be aware of game classifications and age restrictions.

If you want to talk about a problem, you can find details of who to call on our Cyber help page.

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