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offensive or illegal content

What is offensive or illegal content?

Be mindful that some websites encourage harmful or illegal behaviours such as
violent acts. Consider your teen’s vulnerability to information and check
what they are viewing online.
This content is:

  1. Extremely violent,
  2. Sexually explicit,
  3. Racist,
  4. Promoting unsafe behaviour,
  5. Promoting criminal activity.

How do I deal with it?

If you come across websites and other material that is offensive, obscene or illegal, there are some easy ways to handle it.

  1. Report it to the site you’re on.
  2. Talk to someone you trust, like your mum or dad.
  3. Know how to ‘escape’ – Hit control-alt-delete if the site will not allow you to exit.
  4. Surf on – If there is a warning page for under 18’s, leave the site.
  5. Use a filter to block offensive or adult material.
  6. Reassure teens that you will not deny them access to the internet if they report feeling uncomfortable or unsafe when online. This is a very real concern for teens that may stop them from communicating with you openly.
  7. Encourage your teen to look out for friends. If they know a friend is accessing content that seems to be impacting on them negatively encourage them to share their concern with their friend and report it to a trusted adult anonymously if necessary

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