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Site Help

The CYBER C3 web team does its best to support as wide a variety of web browsers as possible, including mobile devices. Where possible we do not rely on 3rd party plugins or special operating conditions to deliver CYBER C3 site content.
The following areas outline the requirements for the most successful browsing experience. As always if you have any issues in viewing the Cyber C3 portal, please do not hesitate to contact us to let us know.

Operating requirements, Plugins & JavaScript

Content on this website requires that JavaScript be enabled.
The site does not require the installation or use of any 3rd party plugins such as Adobe Flash or similar.

Viewing options & optimized resolution

This website also works with different font sizes and is also multilingual by design. It is possible to increase or decrease the text size by utilizing the view > zoom capability of your preferred web browser.
The site has been optimized for a 1024 x 768 display but will scale accordingly on larger monitors and where possible will also scale to fit on lower resolution devices such as mobile devices or tablets.
Note: Visual quality will be degraded in the event of the site being displayed on a lower resolution device but will still be useable.

Site Navigation

This website includes a variety of ways for navigating and finding the content provided.
The navigation menu at the top of each page provides access to the main CYBER C3 content areas, including the Home page. Hovering over the top level menu items (except for Home) will generally display a drop down menu that allows quick access to a specific section of content.
On pages other than the home page, navigation menus on the left hand side of each page allow the site visitor to navigate within the sub section of content they are in. As you navigate through the next levels, this allows you to see where you are in relation to other pages in that section.
Some pages contain other elements (usually in the side bars) which provide quick access to other site content. These may be promotional items or associated content areas.
Each page on the CYBER C3 portal contains a footer (at the bottom of the page) which provides links to information such as legal information, copyright, glossary and site map. The site map provides an overall structure of this website and may be useful for quickly locating specific links.
A search function is also available in the banner of each page on this website except for the home page where it is located on the side bar.

Document format

Documents on this website are available in Portable Document Format (PDF) and will require an appropriate PDF reader to be installed on the users machine for viewing.
The following links will provide access to free PDF readers:

  1. Adobe website.
  2. Foxit website.

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