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Cyber Legal


The Cyber C3 website has been developed by Knowledge Point and is subject to change without notice.
Knowledge Point has worked closely with educational and industry partners to produce practical advice and guidance on the information and resources you will find on this website.
Knowledge Point has used its best endeavors to ensure that the information is correct and current at the time of publication but takes no responsibility for any error, omission or defect therein.

Notwithstanding any rule of law or equity to the contrary, in any circumstances whatsoever, neither Knowledge Point nor its employees, agents or consultants shall take responsibility for any loss or damage (including indirect, special or consequential loss or damage) arising from the use of or reliance on the information whether or not caused by any negligent act or omission.

Knowledge Point does not accept any responsibility for inaccurate, out-of-date, or misleading information. The content and links on this site have been checked to ensure content is suitable for visitors of all ages to this site however this does not guarantee all material on these sites will remain appropriate as websites can change. Knowledge Point does not have editorial rights over sites that are linked to from the Cyber C3 website and is not responsible for their content or the content of the links you may access in the resources listed.

Any information, endorsements of products or services, materials or personal opinions appearing on such external sites are not controlled, sponsored or approved by Knowledge Point. Knowledge Point encourages active supervision of all children using the internet, especially when they are in contact with other people.

Privacy statement

Knowledge Point respects the privacy of all visitors to the websites, especially children. You may browse and access information on this website without providing any personal information.

Knowledge Point does not collect personally identifiable information without visitor’s knowledge. Where visitors do provide such information (e.g. on the online form) Knowledge Point will only use it for that purpose, and will only reveal contact information or use quotations in a public context upon having obtained specific permission.

Knowledge Point will never pass on contact details obtained from the Cyber C3 website to a third party.
Knowledge Point does not provide information on individuals to its educational or industry partners / companies for any commercial or marketing purposes. Knowledge Point does not accept advertising on any part of the Cyber C3 website.


This website and its contents including pages, documents, online graphics, audio and video are subject to copyright laws of the United Arab Emirates and, through international treaties, other countries. The copyright is owned by Knowledge Point unless indicated in the body of the document or associated text.

Copyright protects the original skill and effort of an author of copyright works from unauthorized replication of that work.
For material copyright to Cyber C3 International:
You may view, reproduce, and transmit this website and its contents and save an electronic copy or print out a copy, or parts of this website solely for your own information, research or private study, but only if you:

  1. Do not modify the copy.
  2. Include the copyright notice "© Cyber C3, United Arab Emirates” on the copy.

For material with third-party copyright the permission to reproduce copyright-protected material does not extend to any material on this site that is identified as being the copyright of a third party. Authorization to reproduce such material must be obtained from the copyright holders concerned.

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