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CYBER Safety Help

Has something happened to you online that makes you feel uncomfortable, scared or sad?
Talking to friends and family can help a lot. It can also help to talk to someone who’s an expert in the types of things you might be going through.

Cyber C3, through cyber safety Helpline, provides you with free and private advice online.
There are a number of ways you can get help when you experience cyber safety problems.

Cyber Safety Advice and Resources

The Cyber C3 cyber safety provides practical information and helpful advice about cyber safety matters. Cyber C3 also assists with providing range of cyber safety resources designed for teachers, parents, students and library staff. These resources are provided free of charge

Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day is a day to celebrate how children and adults can learn from each other when they meet online in social media networks and systems...Read more

It's your life & you're in Control

What you do online affects your whole world, it’s your life and you’re in control, Find out about how you can protect yourself and stay safe. Read more

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