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The new Cyber C3 website is live now

The new Cyber C3 website is live now , with more of useful details and useful information , you will find in its main home page four categories , kids, Teens , Parents and Educators , in each category you will find plenty of : tips , examples and some videos to make you get all the knowledge easily ,in the website also you will find a link to our Facebook, Twitter & YouTube Channel , where in this once you like or follow us then you will be up-to-date, with all the Cyber C3 news & updates … We’d be...

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GCC Government Social Media Summit

We are excited to sponsor and participate in the upcoming GCC Government Social Media Summit, a conference that provides key strategies and tips to serve and engage your customers and citizens effectively through social media.

Ali Awadallah of the Cyber C3 team will be delivering a presentation on Ethics and Etiquette for Social Media at 12:35PM on Day two of the summit (19th of September 2012).

We hope to see you there and don’t be too shy to say hello!!!


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Content Advisor

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Content Advisor guide lets you control the types of Internet content that can be displayed on the computer. Depending on how to adjust its settings, online content guide uses the rankings of sites, whether blocked or display some content. (but you can choose to allow them). Once you adjust the settings and operation guide online content, it is verification of the sites you visit....

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CYBER C3 competition

Under Knowledge Point patronage, We are pleased to announce the CYBER C3 competition for IAT & VEDC . The best THREE portfolios, each student will win a prize of an APPLE IPAD 3....

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Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day is a day to celebrate how children and adults can learn from each other when they meet online in social media networks and systems...Read more

It's your life & you're in Control

What you do online affects your whole world, it’s your life and you’re in control, Find out about how you can protect yourself and stay safe. Read more

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