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Who Should Join

Education K9-12

A school that teaches computer ICT classes for grades 9-12 are eligible to enrol for this program. Students will benefit from Cyber C3 by being educated in 8 critical units to ensure that students become digitally ethical & great digital citizens.

Students will get all the tools they need with our Learning Management System (LMS) and will have access to the digital curriculum as well as many supporting resources & case studies. The relevant, ready-to-use instruction helps students make safe, smart, and ethical decisions in the digital world where they live, study and play.

Higher Education

The Cyber C3 program is designed to help produce digitally literate and responsible citizens, who possess greater awareness about Cyber Security & e-Communication culture. College & university students can learn the program in their foundation year programs, ideally, or at any time throughout their education.

The program is focused on awareness and its aim is to educate students not only how to behave well online, but also how to protect themselves & not to become a victim of the many cyber-crimes happening today.

Professional Development

The program is designed such that the client can choose to have training on the 8 critical units of the Cyber C3 program or can select specific units according to their needs. This in no way compromises the program as every module ensures the promotion of good and ethical netiquette.

This program has several advantages when compared to similar programs, including:

  1. A focus to produce digitally literate and responsible citizens,
  2. Oriented at helping citizens understand ethical consequences of online behavior,
  3. Helping citizens to make ethical online decisions through better awareness and approach to handling digital mediums.

Family Foundations & parents

Cyber C3 is particularly important for parents, especially those who feel they are left behind and lack the clear understanding of digital communications and technology.

These parents need to be educated to be able to address the cyber security and other associated issues at home.

Our program let you take on the issues of the moment – from cyber bullying to online privacy, copyright and & safety and is designed to help parents to:

  1. Keep their children safe on the Internet.
  2. Open the dialogue between parents and teens about online safety.

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