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Testimonials About CYBER C3


Cyber Safety is the most valuable module in Cyber C3 because it gives information about the Internet dangers, theft, hacker & cracker. These are very useful to protect our personal data when conducting activities online.
The TOT provides us with great model of lesson plans and training methodology which definitely will improve our teaching and learning.

Cyber C3 Program provides the required knowledge on how to interact in the cyber world positively and ethically. In other words, it promotes a positive cyber community.
It is good to introduce the Cyber C3 Program to the secondary students because this is the time when they start using the digital tools for various activities such as for educational and social interaction

Mohammad Noor Injadat
ICT Curriculum Specialist

Cyber Accountability is the most valuable module in this course because the digital technology is accessible and reachable by all. Therefore the understanding may lead everybody to use the Internet wisely and appropriately.

The TOT was clear, smooth and direct to the point and the methodology used was appropriately presented and delivered.

TOT session was a good introduction for sharing ideas and effort for both: trainers and students.

The TLMS is easy to use and readily available for trainers and students. It also helps to establish comprehensive online data base (DB )used whenever & wherever needed. Cyber C3 should be taken as a compulsory foundation certificate prior to any further ICT related certification.

Bilal M. Hatamleh
ICT Teacher

All the modules were valuable but the most interesting one was Cyber Rule.

It helps me to understand all modules and to create a proper lesson plan for teaching and delivering the Cyber C3 in classes.

Cyber C3 helps participants to distinguish between appropriate to inappropriate use of technology.

It may be best introduce during the foundation year.

Fadi Salo
ICT Teacher

Cyber C3 is an enthusiastic program and prepares citizens on the correct path to use digital systems and tools. The program provides digital literate and responsible citizens via becoming responsible Netizens with awareness and knowledge of the legal implications and consequences for every digital move they make.

I found Cyber C3 Training of Trainers (TOT) is highly valuable and provide additional knowledge and skills to learners towards dealing with the digital society. Participants will be exposed to the fundamentals on how to use digital technology properly and ethically.

Saad Nihad Abdul Majeed
IT & Networking Teacher

Cyber Rule is the most useful component in Cyber C3 because it explains about various electronic crimes that we may be exposed in our daily life. It also explains how to protect ourselves from being a victim when using the Internet.

TOT helps me in many areas such as: how to create example and how to deliver the Cyber C3 course as well as how to use TLMS.

Cyber C3 program teaches people how to understand the danger of the Internet and recognizing what is ethical and what is unethical.

Mohamed Waled Mohandes
IT Trainer

TOT is very useful especially in understanding how the TLMS works and how we can make a good use of it while conducting training.

Cyber C3 is a fully integrated program that gives everybody the necessary information on how to deal with various Internet issues.

Cyber C3 should be introduced to as early as secondary school level. This will ensure students to get firsthand information and will fully understand the risks and problems involving the use of Internet. Therefore they will be able to apply a good cyber ethics in their everyday life.

Hisham Islam
IT Trainer

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