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Testimonials About CYBER C3


This is a superb initiative that will educate people not only how to behave well online , but also how to protect themselves & make sure that they do not to become a victim. The Cyber C3 initiative explains to people how & why they should behave on the Internet , in an ethical & responsible manner. it gives a range of clear examples throughout , & explains why it is of benefit to everybody in the real world.

Dr. Andrew Jones
Professor of Practice and Program Chair, MSC Information Security

The CYBER C3 course provides an in depth understanding on how to safety use the Internet and to avoid any illegal or unethical practices.

Many things can be learned from this course that a normal user may not be fully aware of.

Mr. Mohamed Ali Al Ali
Training Manager

I believe that CYBER C3 program provides an excellent starting point for getting students, parents, companies and systems into a secure state by enabling them to meet the best practices in this field.

I think it represents the essential guidelines for everybody about how to be on the safe side during the usage of the information technologies; it instills computer etiquette; how to make sure that you and your children are secure when surfing the internet; how to avoid compromising your private information or allowing another party to use this information in an improper way; and finally it is about your life security.

Mr. Sadiq Al Yasiri
Curriculum Manager

The Internet has become an integral part of the daily life of citizens living in the information society who perceive technology as an essential tool for receiving information and services from the different government and business sectors.

This raised the need for citizens awareness of the possible threats that the Internet can bring. The Cyber C3 program provides a set of learning outcomes toward developing the learners knowledge and skills about cyber security “e-values”. The different topics and the examples within the text provide a rich material that can be adopted for both adult and young learners.”

Mr. Shadi O. Ayoub
Curriculum Developer, ICT

In this day and age of internet, mobile and social network use it is great to see a program such as Cyber C3 supporting not only UAE cultural values but also cyber awareness, safety, accountability, literacy and ethics among other things.

I believe this program will be of great value to its students and will provide excellent core skills and understanding for all those who become certified.

Ms. Karen Ahmed
Quality Officer

It was rich with guidelines and materials derived from real life experience that helped in finding the best ways of delivering and managing the training course. It promotes the idea of teaching right subject in the right way.
I think Cyber Rule is the most interesting module in Cyber C3. It creates awareness about the cyber rules and crimes and also helps to create preventive actions.
TOT provides guidelines and materials derived from real life experiences that help us to conduct and manage the trainings. It promotes the idea of teaching the right module in the right way.
Cyber C3 would increase public awareness about the importance of cyber rules, responsibilities and duties. The program requires participants to reflect related issues with the real life.
I would recommend this program to be introduced to students in secondary level because it helps to prevent negative cyber behaviors.

Ali Kadhim Naeem
ICT Lead Teacher

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