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Initiatives Principles

  1. Cyber C3 is designed to support and encourage participation in the digital economy by providing information and education which empowers Students, Teachers, Parents and individuals to be safe online.
  2. Cyber C3 aims to develop “digital citizens” who are able to derive the benefits of online participation while taking responsibility for self-protection by understanding the potential consequences of online behavior. Cyber-citizenship goes beyond safety and risk, and encompasses the notion of positive engagement in the online environment.
  3. KP partners with many local & international organizations for curriculum revision & for resources exchange
  4. All Cyber C3 content and resources are created based on the same underlying principles: that these materials are of a high standard, consistent, audience-appropriate and well prepared. Materials are assessed by our audiences on how suitable, effective, and engaging they are, and how easy they are to use. All materials bearing the Cyber C3 brand are high quality and carefully reviewed prior to publishing.

Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day is a day to celebrate how children and adults can learn from each other when they meet online in social media networks and systems...Read more

It's your life & you're in Control

What you do online affects your whole world, it’s your life and you’re in control, Find out about how you can protect yourself and stay safe. Read more

Educational Partners