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Government Cyber Saftey initiatives

  1. The Cyber C3 program is an initiative of knowledge point , this program consists of cyber safety awareness, Certification program and website portals
  2. The Cyber C3 program components are focusing on the UAE government initiatives in frightening Common Forms of Digital Security Breach like :
    1. Identity Theft, Phishing Emails, Hacker and Cracker, Cyber Stalking, Internet Predator, etc
  3. Cyber C3 program link the topics & case studies mentioned in the Cyber C3 curriculum with the UAE cybercrimes laws that was announced in 2006
  4. The Cyber C3 curriculum highlight the UAE initiative that was run by The Khalifa University to establish the Cyber Operations Center of Excellence which has been established in collaboration with Cassidian and Emiraje Systems L.L.C. The aim is to help develop expertise in cyber-operations, particularly in dealing with the security and risk issues increasingly faced by the Critical National Infrastructures (CNI), Industrial Control Systems (SCADA) and the Critical Information Infrastructures (CII).

Safer Internet Day

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It's your life & you're in Control

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