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Cyber C3 Objectives

  1. To produce digitally literate and responsible citizens via:
    1. Becoming critical thinkers in analyzing sources of information and messages as well as to evaluate what the impact can be
    2. Understanding ethical consequences of online behavior
    3. Making good ethical decision of their behaviors online
  2. To prepare users for a society full of technology without misusing and abusing them
  3. To globally promote ‘good behavior’ when communicating, foster ‘unity’ and ‘collaborative culture’ in the digital world
  4. To ensure the rights to an equitable, secure and reliable access to Digital Media & Resources

Acquire Knowledge & Understanding in 8 Critical units, The program certifies knowledge and understanding in the following areas :

  1. CYBER Access
  2. CYBER Literate
  3. CYBER Rule
  4. CYBER Safety
  5. CYBER Interaction & Collaboration
  6. CYBER Enterprise
  7. CYBER Care
  8. CYBER Accountability.

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